INSMART Wooden Computer Stereo Speakers,USB Powered 3.5MM Jack Wired Speakers,Bookshelf Speakers,2.0 Computer Speakers with Volume Control and Power Monitor( A Pair)


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Product Feature
Perfect design for bookshelf speaker
Wooden can effectively reduce the resonant cavity, reducing standing wave interference, make the sound true and pure
Bookshelf speaker have four round rubber pad at the bottom of the speaker, not only increase of the friction force and the desktop, and the desktop can also prevent speaker sound resonance failure

Enjoy the true music with pure sound
Good sounds come from good speakers and restore high quality music
The stereo uses a bass unit with bass surges, and a strong bass unit, bring higher low-frequency resolution, low frequency performance is better
The rich and natural tones that will fill your room quite nicely

Subversion of Tradition,Technology Innovation
The Anti-magnetic bass unit, optimization of the traditional speakers working state:When playing music in the interference, sound quality is not affected
Professional bass technology makes low loudness enhancement, powerful bass music, showing exquisite details

Modern design
Desktop computer speaker use wooden shell to outline the beauty of wood and modern simplicity.
compare with plastic speaker,our computer speaker has more high pure and true sound
And USB speaker placed in the living room, bedroom, office, etc.are both beautiful and generous

Product warranty
As a company focused on quality, we are very confident of our products
We promise 1-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty and 30 days no-questions asked return

Product size
Single computer speaker(L/W/H):4.7*4.25*7.08 IN
Single weight:1.63lb

Computer speaker*2
User manual*1Classic design-The bookshelf speaker through scientific and technological innovations to change the constant appearance of plastic designs. Use of wood materials increases the value of the view that placed in the office or living room

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